Course Details

The Crazy Man trail runs start at Sellers Park and will consist of a 5K, 10K and half marathon.

The 5K will run through some beautifully wooded areas and then then through the wetlands of Dupont. The trail will have some small rolling hills near the start and then will become very flat where it merges onto the old Dupont Railroad rail bed and will loop through a small section of a housing development and then return on the old Dupont rail bed where you will make the return trip to Sellers Park and the finish line.

The 10K will go through a forest area and then transition into wetlands where you’ll pick up the old Dupont Railroad rail bed. The rail bed will take you to the Sequalitchew Creek Trail head. Here you will begin the descent toward Puget Sound. Approximately a mile down the trail you’ll take a left and begin to climb up some singletrack switchbacks to the top of the hill where you will turnaround, head back down the switchbacks and make your return trip to the finish area at Sellers Park. For the 10K, I will offer the first person who breaks 42 minutes $100 cash prize (both male and female). I would love to see some talent come clean the money.

The half marathon will start at Sellers Park and go through some forested area and then break out into some wetlands. Follow a well-marked trail through the wetlands, then head down a trail that run along Sequalitchew Creek to Puget Sound where you will run along side the beach for a short out and back. Run back along the Sequalitchew for a short distance, you will take a steep switchback trail to gain the bluff that looks over the Puget Sound. Take a right on the trail that runs along side Puget Sound, this trail is a nice rolling trail that will eventually pop you out on to a residential sidewalk and the first aid Station at mile 5. After the first aid station, a course marshall will direct you across the street to more nice rolling trails, you will run about a 1/2 of a mile and come to a street crossing where course marshall will direct you across the street. You will run on this part of the course for about 3/4 of a mile and then you will come to another street crossing where a course marshall will direct you across the street to more trails, you will run about an eighth of a mile, where you will cross the street and follow the orange flags to the right on the sidewalk (this is a very short section), run a short distance where you will take a left back on to trails where you will follow flagging to the left to a nice rolling trail. The trail will make a circle, that will exit you back on to the main trail, follow the main trail remembering to follow the flagging and you will take 2 lefts and then follow the trail, keep the residential area to your right. The trail will meander around for short distance and you will to take a left, follow the trail and flagging, this will return you back to the aid station. After leaving the aid station at mile 9, follow the flagging back to the main aid station or finish line.

NOTE: To get a T-shirt, must register via Ultra-Signup and request T-shirt by September 10, 2018.